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Since opening in 1995, Glama-Rama has been an ardent supporter of the local art scene. We have helped launch the careers of many emerging artists as well as featuring the works of well established artists from around the world.

Check out or blog below to see what’s going on and what’s coming up!

New SF Art Show: “Form and Color, Together Forever” Paintings by Cathy Liu

Paintings by Cathy Liu">“Form and Color, Together Forever”
Paintings by Cathy Liu

April 15, 2014 – June 1st, 2014
Opening Reception Fri. April 18th, 7-10pm

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the return of painter CATHY LIU and her show, “Form and Color, Together Forever”, 13 years after her first show at the original salon/gallery location. The opening reception will feature a live performance by “Cathy Liu and the Thin White Dukes”! Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

In my latest paintings I’ve been consciously broadening and deepening my commitment to form and color, while continuing to refine and define my lines. Whereas, my previous paintings were more about concentration, my current work moves deeper into the realm of meditation. The simplicity and clarity of my work has evolved with a complex examination of emotions and reflections over time.

I usually work on one painting at a time, but for this show I worked on 6 paintings simultaneously interchanging colors and shapes. This process opened up fresh lines of communication between paintings with endless possibilities of interaction.

My abstract organic paintings are a playful meditation on life––how we’re interconnected with everyone and everything, yet uniquely shaped and part of a vibrant dynamic whole. This artwork was created from the joy in my heart for your viewing pleasure.

Cathy grew up in an area of San Jose where the cherry orchards were replaced by Eichler homes. She escaped suburbia to Florence, Italy where she graduated with a B.A. in Italian Studies. She then went to work for the muckraking magazine Mother Jones. After five years, she found painting amoebic shapes preferable to raking muck. She lives in San Francisco and on the Big Island of Hawaii where she continues to be inspired by the fragility and force of life in both places.

Check out more of Cathy’s work at:

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New SF Art Show: GLORP by Elliot C. Nathan

“GLORP” by Elliott C. Nathan
March 7th, 2013 – April 13th, 2014
Opening Reception Fri. March 7th, 7-10pm
Glama-Rama Salon & Gallery
304 Valencia SF, CA 94103

We’re quite excited to announce the opening of “GLORP”, the new show by pop artist, Elliott C. Nathan. With his love of bright colors and thick black lines, his most recent works explore the world through a Pop and Surrealist lens, translating elephants, squid, eyes, pyramids, explosions, San Francisco architecture, vintage TVs, robots, hearts, and ham into colorful mixed media paintings.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, March 7th, 7-10pm. Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

Hailing from rural Connecticut, Nathan has been living and working in San Francisco for three years. In that short time he has had over 30 public showings, including four gallery shows and three art auctions. Nathan’s creations come in many forms: street art, paintings, sculptures,books, graphics, murals, and his mini-skateboard company,
His inspiration draws from the Pop and Surrealist works of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and street artists like Keith Haring and Banksy. As a 10 year oldchild, Nathan’s parents let him choose the art that would hang in his room. He selected a wall-sized print of Picasso’s Guernica to hang over his bed, from which he practiced drawing Picasso-esque faces.
His work has also been featured in a number of blogs and newspapers, including MissionMission, SF Gate, Mission Local, The Uptown Almanac, and The Examiner. As told by in a recent interview, “Elliott C. Nathan creates playful pop culture style street art. Its fun, silly, upbeat, sometimes irreverent nature is like walking into the definition of cool.”

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ART SHOW: New Works 2013-14 by Ginger Snap

New Works 2013-14 by Ginger Snap
January 14 – March 2, 2014
Opening Reception Fri. Jan. 17, 7-10pm

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery would like to announce the opening of our new show featuring artist, Ginger Snap. Drawing inspiration from the world around him, Ginger has created a new selection of colorful, sculptural, abstract paintings. It is his intention for the viewer to experience, interpret, and enjoy them in their own personal way.

Ginger Snap is a self taught artist who has lived in the bay area for over 21 years, but has been creating work in several mediums since the age of 10. His work has been collected both nationally and internationally and he has also published photography.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, Jan. 17th, 7-10pm. Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.


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New Art Show: From Our Own Hands 2013

OCT. 18, 2013 – JAN 12, 2014Opening Reception FRI. OCT 18, 7-10pm
Glama-Rama Salon & Art Gallery is excited to announce the return of our staff art show. The show will feature stained glass, mosaic, painting, embroidery, photography, and jewelry. This show runs through the holiday season so consider this a great opportunity for gifts!

Artists featured in the show include the following staff members:
Jennifer Hofmann (Stylist) – Stained Glass & Mosaics
Olive Loew (Stylist) – Embroidery
Deena Davenport (Stylist / Proprietress) – Photography
Flynn DeMarco (Webmaster/IT Geek) – Painting
Jinelle Diamond (Stylist) – Painting
Katey McKee (Stylist) – Jewelry

Opening reception on FRI. OCT 18th begins at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Join the party for beverages, snacks, and art made by us! DJ ROB COONS spins too! This is a free event.

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Coming up: “DARK GLAMOUR” by William “Cricket” Ulrich

Dark Glamour
The Art of William “Cricket” Ulrich
Sept 1st, 2013 – Oct. 13th, 2013

We’re really excited to announce the opening of our new show featuring painter, William “Cricket” Ulrich. The show, “Dark Glamour” will feature painterly portraits of vintage glamour ala Hollywood of yesteryear. Glama-Rama wouldn’t be what it is without glamour and so we think that this show will be an inspired fit.

The Opening Reception will be held on Friday, Sept. 6th, 7-10pm. Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

Artist Statement:
I was drawn to the dramatic lighting of 1930′s Hollywood photographs. A painterly effect with metallic paints is what I was after for this show, rather than an accurate portrait of a star. As a teenager, I used to go to the library in Northern Kentucky and look at books of Hollywood stars. Marlene Dietrich became my muse. Fascinated by the lighting, I copied her pictures in pencil. She remains to this day my favorite. Years later, I’m going back to my roots of vintage celebrity glamour and giving it a second look in a new style. Thrown in among the vintage celebrities is an old Fendi ad, a model from the 80′s, and a snapshot of “Tommy”. Whatever I thought was glamour, that I just had to paint.

Not to be content with depictions of well and lesser known stars in metallics, I had to pair fabrics with celebrities to add an element of kitsch. It was fun imagining a fabric from Joan’s house in Mommie Dearest and painting her on it.

The majority of the work in this show is painted on recycled materials. Strips of wood found on the street were glued together to make panels that were painted on or upholstered with remnant fabric. There were a few bought canvases, but most were recycled or given to me.

Artist bio:
I grew up on a farm in southern Indiana. Later, mom found a job in the Cincinnati area—an abrupt introduction for a hillbilly child to life in suburbia. The fortunate receipt of a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati allowed me to study graphic design, and take fine arts classes whenever possible. I kept sketchbooks full of drawings and collages to offset the rigidity of my design training.

After college, for three months, the opportunity to study life drawing and painting (in Paris!) with Ben Long, the American realist painter, was irresistible — and the germination of my Pen & Ink technique. Long’s influence as well as my exposure to various museums, the sights, sounds and experiences of Paris, led me to the decision to pursue the Fine Arts professionally. After Paris, it was hard to stay in Cincinnati, so, naturally, I moved to San Francisco in the fall of 1990.

I learned decorative painting and faux finishing from working on the complete restoration of a Victorian in Hayes Valley. Metallic paints used in projects for painting walls became a favorite of mine and were used to complete the work in this show.

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New Art Show: Nossa, Sassilandia

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery is excited to announce the opening of the new show featuring illustrator and multi-media artist, Elisa Sassi.

The title “Nossa, Sassilandia!” is a very colloquial way of saying “Oh my, Sassilandia!” in the artist’s native Portuguese. It depicts quirky beings and amusing adventures. But there is also drama, rebellion, cheekiness; things that are similar to our own world. Works are in pen on paper, acrylic on canvas, digital form, and sculpture. There is also an interactive aspect for anyone who wants to get close to the art.

Show runs July 12th, 2013 – Sept. 1st, 2013.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, July 12th, 7-10pm.
Performances, beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

Artist Statement:
Ordinary life in Sassilandia is usually happy. But there is no such thing as perfection. The cuteness of the creatures disguises their inner strengths. Each one struggles with strong emotions, hard issues, and tough choices. They suffer, they yearn, they celebrate victories large and small, they cry, and they move on. They are strong and brave-as-hell. Even the tiniest and softest of them all.

My work has been to reproduce their struggles and triumphs as objectively as possible. Of course, it’s nearly impossible for any observer to be completely impartial. Over time I began to care for these critters who have taught me so much about courage and delight. However I promise that I have done everything possible to faithfully record what I saw firsthand.

Artist bio:
Drawing by hand is my favorite form of expression. I would say that I feel very comfortable sketching, but in reality I am a compulsive illustrator. I draw everywhere, under almost any circumstances. Although I have a background in advertising and art direction, I am a self-taught artist. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazi, I have lived in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, and London. When I was younger, I dreamed being able to draw bunnies for a living. I currently reside in San Francisco.

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New Art Show: WILDFLOWERS by Jer Ber Jones

Paintings by Jer Ber Jones (aka Robbie Daniels)

May 17 – July 5, 2013 / Opening Reception Fri. May 17, 7-10pm

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery would like to announce the opening of their new show featuring painter and multi-media artist, Jer Ber Jones.

Inspired by the scenic outdoors and Mormon culture of Southern Utah, Wildflowers explores the “Go West!” experience of the pioneers of the 1800s, actors & actresses of the 20th century, and reverence and respect for the wild natural beauty that continues to blossom in toxic 21st century. Multi-media artist and Internationally acclaimed musician and performer, Jer Ber Jones has been an artist in residence in the Utah desert for the past 6 months and is bringing the inspiration back to San Francisco, the artists home away from home for the past two decades. All these influences together in paintings, collage, video and even a cover version of the Dolly Parton/Trio song- “Wildflowers Don’t Care Where They Grow”. Documentation of the progress of the show from start to finish with pictures, writing and video can be found at:

This will be Jer Ber’s second show at Glama-Rama Salon.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, May 17, 7-10pm.

Performances, beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

Artist Statement & Bio:

“Jack of all trades, master of none”- Jer Ber Jones sure is having fun.

I guess I have always let my ADD get the best of me. One of the lessons I retained from my Mormon upbringing was to work hard and be industrious, a busy bee. At a very young age I realized I was a generalist artist, quickly and eagerly jumping from music, to writing, to painting and to performing.  I was organically queer, and at 13yo was ostracized from my family and Christian suburban community. I ran away from my horses, piano, home and school and set out to pioneer my own vision of performance and art. Since then, I have lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.  Currently, I have returned to my roots, spending extended amounts of time in the super beautiful southern Utah desert. A much needed, calming, colorful and enlightening experience. In true Mormon fashion, I began to explore my family’s genealogy and deep roots in polygamy, founding members of the LDS church, and the shame & intolerance of my mixed Native American Indian blood. I am a blood-registered member of the Ute and Winnebago Indian tribes.

Artist Bio:

5 year apprentice to performance artist Rachel Rostenthal . Co-founder & DJ of Trannyshack nightclub in San Francisco. Original song “Lotion” appeared on the first ever “Electroclash” CD compilation and was covered by Scissor Sisters. World’s only Pappteller (German paper plates) artist since 1997. Coined the term “Tranimal” (click for wikipedia article). Exhibits at The Hammer Museum, Berkeley Art Museum, MoMA PS1, World of Wonder Gallery. Creator of the Telekinesis cabaret, a 10 year residency at Cavern Club Theater. Jer Ber’s 2012 full length album of re-imagined A-side cover songs, and many other recordings and artworks- available through Jer’s website, iTunes, Pandora & Spotify.

The L.A. TIMES says “Turn the dial of drag performance aesthetics all the way to surreal, and there you will find Jer Ber” and “aberrant performance art that’s unusual even for the L.A. art scene”.

Check out more of Jer Ber Jones work at:

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New Art Show: “Cheap Children Hard Labour” Paintings by Lillian Shanahan

Jan. 25 – Mar 17, 2013 / Opening Reception Fri. Jan. 25, 7-10pm

SAN FRANCISCO, CA‐ JAN. 3, 2013 – GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery would like to announce the opening of their new show featuring San Francisco artist Lillian Shanahan. The opening reception, held at Glama‐Rama (304 Valencia, SF) titled “Cheap Children Hard Labour” will be held on Friday, Jan. 25th, and will run from 7‐10 PM and will feature a live performance by “BESTFRIENDGRRLFRIEND”.

This show offers playful look at the rolls of women and the children they have the power to offspring. The woman, who is oftentimes downplayed in importance because her beauty; beautiful things are delicate and excessive, although made to feel submissive, her beauty is ironically the mother and origins of all life. Her power to bring life into this world and the infinite possibilities that birth can produce.

Lillian Shanahan comes from a large Irish native San Franciscan family. Her work is strongly influenced by history, focusing on the extremes of human nature; from the depravity of man to his potential beauty and magnificence. She doesn’t focus her attention on criticizing or chastising but rather the irony of life and the darkness that resides in us all, often times unnecessarily overshadowing the beauty.

Lillian’s work is also highly influenced by city life and the constant struggle for identity. Attempting to capture the persistent wave of changes that flow through a city, starting at one corner and spreading rapidly to the next, while keeping in mind the new wave that has already begun within it’s midst. How the people in the city try to keep up and to seem or feel important. She does a lot of portraiture and character studies.

check out more of her work at

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New Art Show: “Foucault at the Food Co.” Paintings by Xavier MTW

“Foucault at the Food Co.”“>

“Foucault at the Food Co.”

Paintings by Xavier MTW
Nov. 9, 2012 – Jan 5, 2013 / Opening Reception Fri. Nov. 9, 7-10pm

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery would like to announce the opening of their new show featuring San Francisco artist Xavier MTW. The opening reception, held at Glama‐Rama (304 Valencia, SF) titled “Foucault at the Food Co.” will be held on Friday, Nov. 9th, and will run from 7‐10 PM. A show featuring local drag performers Suppositori Spelling, Martha T. Lipton will begin at 9PM as part of the opening night festivities.

The show’s tagline “a story about a little girl, the universe, and everyday low, low prices” and promotional photo gives clue to the audience that this is not to be taken as a “white box” kind of show. Xavier, who this year experienced six months of homelessness, credits a sense of humor and optimism as the biggest factors to help him get out of his situation, and in turn attempts to infuse his work with that same feeling. “It’s a meditation on existence, which I’ve been doing a lot of this year,” describes the artist, “but ‘quiet’, ‘subtle’, and ‘contemplative’ have never been my strengths, so I thought I’d work it out using a grown‐man‐child‐drag‐queen instead.”

Xavier MTW, also known by his stage/drag name Mary Tyler Whore or “Xander Spade’, the moniker which he uses to shoot gay adult films, is no stranger to “serious” work‐ a graduate of the University of Florida’s program in art history, Xavier spent the majority of his academic career studying theory. With regards to his own work, it seems to dwell in certain academic subjects, but does so almost entirely rhetorically, as if the message of the series comes across as something no more complex than “who cares? Enjoy life.”

This is Xavier MTW’s first major solo show, after having gained some exposure at this year’s Faetopia (held in June at the old Tower Records bldg) , where he was featured as a visual artist. At the same event, Xavier was also highlighted as a sex worker, making the cover of Tom Schmidt’ photo book, “ESCORT”, which was sold to raise funds for the St. James infirmary. Despite his multiple personas, Xavier identifies first and foremost as an artist and is excited to share this new series.

Admission to the opening is free. The show runs until Jan. 5, 2013

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New Art Show: “Imagining Val Travel” by Tofu

Opening Sunday September 16th: Imagining Val Travel by Tofu

A site-specific installation of mixed media art made from travel-related ephemera.
The installation infuses the space with the soul of an imaginary, long lost travel agency.

September 16 to November 3, 2012 – Opening Reception September 16, 6 to 9 p.m.

More info:

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