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Since opening in 1995, Glama-Rama has been an ardent supporter of the local art scene. We have helped launch the careers of many emerging artists as well as featuring the works of well established artists from around the world.

Check out or blog below to see what’s going on and what’s coming up!

New SF Art Show: In A Material World – Mixed Media Art

In A Material World
Mixed Media Art Works by Denise Laws
September 1 – November 1, 2015
Artist Reception: Sat. Sept. 5, 7:30-10:30pm

Glama-Rama Salon & Gallery is proud to welcome San Francisco artist, Denise Laws and her show, “In A Material World” featuring pieces from her Mylar Reveries and Hair Color Theory Series. It’s been 13 years since Denise’s last solo show at our gallery and we are thrilled to have her beautifully textured vision grace our walls.

Join us for the artist reception on Sat. Sept. 5th. Drinks and light snacks provided. This is a free event.

Artist Statement: My artistic practice is rooted in collage, abstraction, assemblage and the transformation of unconventional materials. I refashion what has been discarded, thereby revealing its beauty, as a means of commenting on the disposability of our culture: what we consume, wear, and acquire will ultimately be abandoned. Through the investigation of mundane, commonplace materials, and by allowing their properties to drive the outcome, I seek to expand the possibilities of what is accepted as art.

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New Art Show SF: BlingAdelik Paintings by John Benko

Paintings by John Benko
with Bling by T-Dub

July 14 – August 30, 2015
Opening Reception Sat. July 18, 7:30-10:30pm

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery is excited to welcome to our walls, BlingAdelik, a collaboration between painter John Benko and jewelry designer T-Dub.

The opening reception on Sat. July 18, from 7:30-10:30pm will feature light snacks, beverages and fab art! This is a FREE event.

BlingAdelik is the collaboration of artists putting their skills together to create works of contemporary art. San Francisco painter John Benko works with various mediums, specializing in stylized line work and all things psychedelic. T-Dub’s Bling and “recykled” jewelry adds a whole new dimension, transcending boundaries every time. They are currently accepting commissions for custom pieces.

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New SF Art Show: “OOMPH” Paintings by Adam Ansell

“OOMPH” – Paintings by Adam Ansell
Feb 17 – Apr 5, 2015

Sat. Feb. 21, 7-10pm

We’re so excited to welcome back to our walls, painter Adam Ansell and his show, Oomph. The daring paintings of Adam J. Ansell take the viewer into a bizarre and bold-colored world that may be identifiable, yet not the same for each person. Adam’s edgy high fashion paintings are filled with contradictions: rugged and delicate, improvisational and meditational, spontaneous and labored, stark and festive. This show will mark Adam’s long-awaited return to Glama-Rama and his first show at our Valencia St. location.

Please join us at the opening reception on Saturday, Feb. 21st, from 7-10pm. Beverages and snacks provided.

This is a free event.

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SF ART SHOW: “It’s Only Rock & Roll, But I Like It” – Art by danyol

“It’s Only Rock & Roll, But I Like It”
Art by danyol
Jan 6 – Feb 15, 2015

Fri. Jan. 9, 7-10pm

Join us as we welcome back to our walls, painter/collage artist, danyol and his new show, “It’s Only Rock & Roll, But I Like It”. Memories of danyol’s childhood inform his latest show where much time was spent playing dress-up with stuffed animals in his mother’s closet while listening to his sister’s record collection.

San Francisco artist Danyol was born in 1970 in Orange County, California just a stone’s throw away from Disneyland. Growing up near the iconic theme park, he nourished himself on a steady diet of pop art, cubism, and a dose of sarcasm. His mission is to bring part of his everyday life into his art to show that there is beauty in the mundane, harmony in the abstract, and power in the inspiration.

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New SF Art Show: HARD WORKING: Bitter Waitresses, Hair-Brained Hairdressers & Whirling Dervishes

Bitter Waitresses, Hair-Brained
Hairdressers & Whirling Dervishes”
Art by Eden Hutchinson
Nov. 11, 2014 – Jan. 4, 2015
Opening Reception Fri. Nov. 14, 7-10pm

We’re very excited to welcome to our walls, EDEN HUTCHINSON and his new show, “HARD WORKING: Bitter Waitresses, Hair-Brained Hairdressers & Whirling Dervishes”. His work centers on gender roles and classicism infused with a sense of humor done in brush and ink with watercolor.

The opening reception on Fri. Nov. 14, from 7-10pm will feature light snacks, beverages and fab art! This is a FREE event.

Having drawn since the age of four, Hutchinson was strongly influenced by caricaturist, Al Hirschfield, grandfather of pop art, Richard Lindner, and designer and illustrator, Erte. After majoring in printmaking at the Maryland Institute College of Art, he moved to San Francisco to pursue a childhood dream of being a beautiful, Candy Darling-esque drag queen. After 12 years, he decided to try something new and relocated to Big Sur to work as a baker and escape the insanity and soullessness of modern tech culture. This environment has already been a boon to his creativity as the upcoming collection of work will show.

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New SF Art Show: New & Selected Works by Jason Mecier

New & Selected Works by Jason Mecier
Sept. 30th, 2014 – Nov. 9th, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA‐ Sept. 15th, 2014 – GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition of new and selected works by critically acclaimed mosaic artist, JASON MECIER.
Pop Artist Jason Mecier creates one of a kind outrageous mosaic portraits. He meticulously fabricates anybody out of anything, from Kevin Bacon out of bacon, to Honey Boo Boo out of 25 lbs. of trash. Jason’s artwork has been featured everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to The New York Times, on TV shows like Glee, Rachael Ray and TMZ, as well as music videos by Pink and Pitbull. His portraits are hanging in Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museums, countless celebrity homes, and even in The Playboy Mansion!

Check out more of Jason’s work here:

On Facebook:

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New Art Show SF: Collage + Landscape = Collagescape

Collage + Landscape = Collagescape

Tofu’s landscapes and collages come together as paintings on paper are cut into small pieces and reassembled in a new series called Collagescapes.

July 29th – September 28th, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, August 1st 16th, 7 pm – 10 pm

The exhibit will have two components:
On the main level, there will be an exhibit of Tofu’s new series of work called collagescapes. With collagescapes, Tofu starts by painting paper with areas of color representing the palette of a specific place. Next he cuts up the painting into hundreds of small pieces. The final steps are to randomize the pieces and then reassemble them in various geometric patterns. Collagescapes are both landscape paintings and collages. They may appear abstract, but the intent is to retain the color palette of the places they represent. A preview of the work can be seen at

Collage meets Landscape
On the upper level of Glama-Rama, Tofu is curating a companion show of mixed media works, where the theme will beCollage meets Landscapes. The exhibit will include the works of 12 different artists from the Bay Area, the U.S. and overseas. The works of four of the participating artists have never been show in the Bay Area before and two of the artists are even having their first showing in the U.S.

Earlier this year, Tofu issued a Call for Artists as well as inviting a few select artists to participate in the exhibit. The result is a diverse collection of work that incorporates everything from paint to found objects to postage stamps to human hair. In selecting which pieces to show, Tofu employed his collage skills to choose and place works of art that both complement each other yet stand out as individual pieces. It could be said the exhibit of collages is like a collage itself.

The artists exhibiting in Collage meets Landscape include:

  • Giovanna Aguirre (Columbia/Sweden)
  • Andrea Bergen (California)
  • Cynthia Brannvall (California)
  • Mark Garrett (California)
  • Lars Jonnson (Sweden)
  • Mike Kabler (California)
  • Denise Laws (California)
  • Karen Lindquist (New Mexico)
  • Olivia Parkes (California/Germany)
  • Molly Rausch (New York)
  • Raissa Trend (California)
  • Juan Vargas (California)
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    New Art Show SF: Haunted Playground – Illustrations by David Hawkins

    “Haunted Playground – Illustrations by David Hawkins
    June 3, 2014 – July 27, 2014

    Opening Reception Friday June 6th, 7-10pm
    Beverages and snacks will be provided
    This is a free event

    Glama-Rama Salon and Gallery presents “Haunted Playground – Illustrations by David Hawkins”. Known primarily as a stand-up comedian, this exhibit includes pen and ink as well as digital pieces and is the first public exhibition of his artwork.

    The opening reception will feature music composed and performed by his musical alter-ego Mimiuex and will have live stand up performances by Mr. Hawkins and his very special guest Mary Van Note.

    David is self taught and works in a variety of mediums. As the creative force behind Dingbat Design he has created posters and artwork for theatrical productions, rock bands and performers including Marga Gomez, Glen Meadmore, The Marsh, Thee Parkside, Truck and many more. He has lived in San Francisco since 1989 and currently resides in the Mission District.

    The show in his own words:
    “Haunted Playground” is the place where whimsy and melancholy meet. These two emotions have characterized my artwork from the beginning and seemed the perfect image for an overview of my artistic output up to this point.
    As a comedian I have infused these works with a fair amount of humor but also within them there is sadness and often something sinister.

    Examples of his work (commercial and non-commercial) can be seen at:

    Listen to his musical side-project Mimieux at:

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    New SF Art Show: “Form and Color, Together Forever” Paintings by Cathy Liu

    Paintings by Cathy Liu">“Form and Color, Together Forever”
    Paintings by Cathy Liu

    April 15, 2014 – June 1st, 2014
    Opening Reception Fri. April 18th, 7-10pm

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the return of painter CATHY LIU and her show, “Form and Color, Together Forever”, 13 years after her first show at the original salon/gallery location. The opening reception will feature a live performance by “Cathy Liu and the Thin White Dukes”! Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

    In my latest paintings I’ve been consciously broadening and deepening my commitment to form and color, while continuing to refine and define my lines. Whereas, my previous paintings were more about concentration, my current work moves deeper into the realm of meditation. The simplicity and clarity of my work has evolved with a complex examination of emotions and reflections over time.

    I usually work on one painting at a time, but for this show I worked on 6 paintings simultaneously interchanging colors and shapes. This process opened up fresh lines of communication between paintings with endless possibilities of interaction.

    My abstract organic paintings are a playful meditation on life––how we’re interconnected with everyone and everything, yet uniquely shaped and part of a vibrant dynamic whole. This artwork was created from the joy in my heart for your viewing pleasure.

    Cathy grew up in an area of San Jose where the cherry orchards were replaced by Eichler homes. She escaped suburbia to Florence, Italy where she graduated with a B.A. in Italian Studies. She then went to work for the muckraking magazine Mother Jones. After five years, she found painting amoebic shapes preferable to raking muck. She lives in San Francisco and on the Big Island of Hawaii where she continues to be inspired by the fragility and force of life in both places.

    Check out more of Cathy’s work at:

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    New SF Art Show: GLORP by Elliot C. Nathan

    “GLORP” by Elliott C. Nathan
    March 7th, 2013 – April 13th, 2014
    Opening Reception Fri. March 7th, 7-10pm
    Glama-Rama Salon & Gallery
    304 Valencia SF, CA 94103

    We’re quite excited to announce the opening of “GLORP”, the new show by pop artist, Elliott C. Nathan. With his love of bright colors and thick black lines, his most recent works explore the world through a Pop and Surrealist lens, translating elephants, squid, eyes, pyramids, explosions, San Francisco architecture, vintage TVs, robots, hearts, and ham into colorful mixed media paintings.

    The opening reception will be held on Friday, March 7th, 7-10pm. Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

    Hailing from rural Connecticut, Nathan has been living and working in San Francisco for three years. In that short time he has had over 30 public showings, including four gallery shows and three art auctions. Nathan’s creations come in many forms: street art, paintings, sculptures,books, graphics, murals, and his mini-skateboard company,
    His inspiration draws from the Pop and Surrealist works of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and street artists like Keith Haring and Banksy. As a 10 year oldchild, Nathan’s parents let him choose the art that would hang in his room. He selected a wall-sized print of Picasso’s Guernica to hang over his bed, from which he practiced drawing Picasso-esque faces.
    His work has also been featured in a number of blogs and newspapers, including MissionMission, SF Gate, Mission Local, The Uptown Almanac, and The Examiner. As told by in a recent interview, “Elliott C. Nathan creates playful pop culture style street art. Its fun, silly, upbeat, sometimes irreverent nature is like walking into the definition of cool.”

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