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Since opening in 1995, Glama-Rama has been an ardent supporter of the local art scene in San Francisco and we are excited to bring the support to Oakland artists in our new shop. We have helped launch the careers of many emerging artists as well as featuring the works of well established artists from around the world.

Check out or blog below to see what’s going on and what’s coming up!

New Oakland Art Show: PATTERNS – Art by Kara Nelson

Patterns: Art by Kara Nelson

Feb. 3, 2016 – March 13, 2016
Artist reception  Sat. Feb. 6, 6-9pm

GLAMA-RAMA Salon & Gallery in Oakland is excited to present Kara Nelson and her show “Patterns”.  Nelson’s deep, lush canvases brings to mind landscape painting from the romantic era, but her use of waste material speaks to our contemporary moment of planned obsolescence and mindless consumption.

Join us for the artist reception on Saturday, February 6, 6-9pm.  Beverages and light snacks provided.  This is a free event.

About the artist:
Kara Nelson is an artist living and working in the Bay Area. She uses her own trash to collage images of landscapes and make small-scale, abstract, and sometimes functional sculptures. Her work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions in galleries, and exhibitions in private homes.
Originally from the North West, Kara references elements of those landscapes in the images she creates. These signifiers are increasingly mixed with reference to the California landscapes she interacts with daily. For Kara, living sometimes means needing to use objects that can have harmful environmental effects. She creates her work as atonement for using. It serves as a reminder to tread lightly in the world in order to minimize her negative effect on the environment.
From the artist:
“I believe the world moves in cyclical patterns: birth, death, and decay, which in turn fuels further growth. But the waste which humans produce is disruptive to this cycle. By creating landscapes with discarded materials, I am attempting to give them a longer and more meaningful life. By taking something that inhibits life and using it to create something that represents it, I hope to call attention to the function waste can serve.”

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Oakland Art Show: MAGIC DESTINATION Artwork by Mary Patterson

Magic Destination
Artwork by Mary Patterson
Dec. 1, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016
Artist Reception Sat. Dec. 5, 6-9pm

GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery in Oakland is excited to welcome Mary Patterson and her show “Magic Destination”. Her work presents a menagerie of souls who wander the highways of an imagined landscape seeking comfort and joy, a nice place to lay one’s head on the road, a good meal at a friendly restaurant, a good deal on a flight out of town, or a sweet vacation spot.

Join us for the artist reception on Saturday, Dec. 5, 6-9pm. Beverages and light snacks provided. This is a FREE event.

About the artist:
Mary works in oils, acrylics and watercolors, pen and ink.
A California native, Ms. Patterson started her art career at the age of five, observed by her mother pounding the coffee table and sobbing because she could not draw a perfect circle.
Mary attended art school and art studios workshops, and launched into showing and selling works of art in 2003. Beginning with SF. Open Studios, an early member of City Art Cooperative Gallery in SF, she started doing solo and group shows at alternative galleries and art spaces in California and other states.
From 2005-2007 Mary created mini comic books and participated in the Bay Area Alternative Press Exposition, as well as taking on various commercial art jobs, donning her illustrator hat.
Today, she concentrates mainly on Painting and showing her paintings, as well as creating editioned prints for sale online and in stores and galleries, as well as being available for custom commissioned work and commercial illustration jobs.

From the artist:
“I derive a great deal of pleasure in bringing my inner world of nostalgia and emotion into character, form, and most importantly locating it in a physical landscape or interior scene. Currently animal characters “people” my spaces, possibly because relating emotionally is almost more accessible in this form. They take on layers of meaning and innuendo that either bring about an emotional response or strike a funny bone.

The comic strip and graphic novel greatly appeal to me as storytelling vehicles. I have been venturing slowly into the sequential art form, but as yet have not moved fully into it though am still exploring. For now I’ve been placing my visions or “snapshots” as scenes from or parts of stories, fully there with no explanation of what comes before or afterwards. I am only presenting my viewers with the one window into the place and time where my characters live, and they must fill in the blanks. I enjoy watching people read their own stories into the scenes I create, or envision and imagine the scenario according to their own experience. I especially like it when people have a laugh at a joke that I thought might only be funny in my head.”

Artist’s website:

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New Oakland Art Show: Some Wags – Screenprints by Michael Wertz

SOME WAGS – Screenprints by Michael Wertz
October 14 – November 29, 2015
Artist Reception: Sat. Oct. 17, 6-9pm

Glama-Rama Oakland is thrilled to welcome to our walls, artist MICHAEL WERTZ with his new show, SOME WAGS. Inspired by Mutts from East Bay animal shelters and Physique Pictorials from the 1950′s, SOME WAGS is a collection of new two-color screenprints created with hand-cut stencils in a tent in his backyard in Oakland.

Join us for the artist reception on Saturday, Oct. 17, 6-9pm. There will be snacks and refreshments. This is a free event.

Artist Bio:
Michael Wertz is a noted Illustrator, Professor at the California College of the Arts, and Friend of Judy. He hails from the dense forests of Northerncalifornialand, where he once met a lion, a tiger, and a bear. He loves bold, bright colors in all formats.

“The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs.” – Jeanne-Marie Roland

See his work at:

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Coming Soon – Oakland: “The Long Island Series” – New Work by Scott Schryver

“The Long Island Series” - New Work by Scott Schryver

July 1 – August 23, 2015 –
Artist Reception Sat. July 11, 6-9pm

Glama-Rama Salon Oakland presents ”The Long Island Series” - New Work by Scott Schryver. The Long Island Series is a collection of figurative and abstract paintings and marks the first time Schryver  has shown his work at our salon. Join us for the Artist Reception on Sat. July 11th from 6-9pm. Drinks and snacks will be served at this free event.

In the artists words:
“As I began painting, I quickly realized that I was creating real people. I would give them names and try and talk in their unique voices. One of the earliest pieces was a woman that I immediately associated with Long Island. I had a college roommate from Long Island and I recall picking up the phone when his mother would call. His mother had a very thick Long Island accent and although I never saw her, I immediately made the connection between her and this person I had painted. After painting ten or so I realized they needed a home and Long Island had to be it! The pieces are fun and engaging for the most part but there are some dark pieces as well. Pieces that reference police brutality and depression. I realized like any society, there needed to be a balance of positive and negative.The news and everyday thoughts and emotions always find a way through the studio door.”
Scott Schryver is an Oakland-based painter working in sumi ink and acrylic paint. He likes kale, dark beer, Billy Bragg, jasmine green tea, and taking long walks in and around Berkeley and Oakland.

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OAKLAND ART SHOW: EVOLUTION – Making Sense of a Drip

Glama-Rama Salon Oakland is excited to welcome painter William “Cricket” Ulrich’s new show, “EVOLUTION – Making Sense of a Drip”. Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 2nd, 6-9pm. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

From the artist:
“The story of a drip that raged out of control until it became refined. Initially I had painted over a landscape with a Baroque scroll and drips. The paintings started to transform into something else, becoming more abstract. A black outline grows up and takes over becoming a black shape. A turquoise drip that dominates other paintings becomes one drip of significance.

I have a background in decorative painting and an affinity for historic patterns. I wanted to make these baroque scrolls modern and interesting. The process has been organic and they started moving toward something. I don’t think of myself as an abstract painter and usually create figurative work. I let the materials speak to me and tell me where they want to go.”

William “Cricket” Ulrich has a studio with Firehouse Art Co. Gilman Studios in Berkeley at 9th and Gilman. There is an open studio there First Fridays 5-8pm and Third Sundays 11am-4pm. He will also be participating in ProArts East Bay Open Studios in June.

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OAKLAND ART SHOW: “Landscapes of the Bay” – paintings by Laurel Lee

Landscapes of the Bay
Paintings by Laurel Lee
Mar. 4 – Apr. 26, 2015
Opening Reception: Fri. Mar. 6th, 6-9pm
6399 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609

Glama-Rama Salon Oakland is pleased to welcome to the gallery, Oakland-based artist, Laurel Lee and her show, “Landscapes of the Bay”. Lee’s colorfully evocative paintings celebrate our local environment and the places (and non-places) we call home.

Join us for the artist reception on FRIDAY, MARCH 4th from 6-9pm. Drinks and light snacks will be served. This is a free event.

Anartistic Statement:

I am a visual artist, who in her early thirties came out as a lesbian. Coming out as a sexual minority makes one aware of social oppression. I can truly say my work is always done with eyes toward social health, but I never lose the desire to also create fine art.

I have matured as a person and artist from speaking of other populations, to turning the eye inward. I have also become less about anger and shock value, to an artist that often removes angst for calm. I do not feel any less active in my work for social change.

It is often assumed that an artist is not politically conscious if the work does not speak directly of an issue. While I do not forget my identity, others do; so it is important to speak of the implications of practice.

As a woman I feel it is a strong political statement to be outside in community, but the art created does not say this overtly. Secondly I have no fame but people are proud to have an artist interested in their visual-ness. This is my way of saying you are valuable. It is unusual to see an artist who works on paper or canvas documenting non-places along with recognized places of worth: Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite.

I hope my work will help others to see the worth of non-places, and recognizing many identities as artist. The finished pieces have some charge of the political thoughts but they are also identity invisible. I do not work on public buildings as the graffiti artist, or as the mural artist, but these artists understand the fine line between accepted public behavior and that which is deemed subversive. During these economic hard times it is easier to demand more conformity, which again erases identities and populations. So these simple drawings are a subversive affirmation of population diversities. who are wrongly forced to assimilate.

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OAKLAND ART SHOW: “Dames & Dolls” – Art by Christina Ruano

“Dames & Dolls”
Art by Christina Ruano
Jan. 14 – Mar. 1, 2015

Opening Reception: Sat. Jan. 17th, 6-9pm
3699 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609

We’re excited to welcome to our walls, Oakland-based artist, Christina Ruano and her show, “Dames & Dolls”.

Join us for the artist reception on SATURDAY, JANUARY 17th from 6-9pm. Drinks and light snacks will be served. This is a free event.

Christina Ruano works primarily in acrylic paint. Her work reflects the belief that beauty and goodness are not always one in the same. Heavily influenced by childhood intrigues, her work often portrays a love of era’s past. In an effort to continuously challenge herself and progress, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at the Academy of Art University.

More at her website:

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New Oakland Art Show: DREAMSCAPE

“DREAMSCAPE: The Night Vision of Carl Linkhart”
Nov. 4, 2014 – Jan 11, 2015
Opening Reception Fri. Nov. 7, 6-9pm

We’re super excited to welcome painter, CARL LINKHART.  His colorful surreal paintings are darkly dreamy and vibrantly alive taking the viewer on a sometimes mysterious journey into the mind and beyond.

The opening reception will feature a special live performance by the artist himself as “Carl With Records”. There will be beverages and light snacks.

This is a FREE event.

Carl Linkhart was born in Oklahoma in 1950 and has been painting from his dreams since 1970 .He lived in Tuscon Arizona from 1957 to 1969.He has been a Oakland resident since 1992 .He studied art independantly but is largely self taught and was influenced by his travels in Austria ,Greece , India, Nepal, Burma, and Mexico, as well as by memories of Arizona. Writing, film, music and theatre have been his other pursuits. His film Weekend Zombie Nurses was shown at the S.F. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 1985. However because of the Other worlds it can create, his main love is painting . He was especially inspired by trips to Southeast Asia and India from 1972 on, living in Thailand for all of 1972 . He studied art at Yuba City collage as well as Fort Mason in San Francisco where he moved in 1973 . He was with The Angels of Light , the early Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence , and other theatrical groups and now continues to perform as a cabaret singer and composer as Carl with Records .Since his dreams have always been vivid, colorful, and thought provoking, he took to exploring them on canvas with acrylic in 1970. After developing his style for nearly thirty years, his friends, Burl Willes and Cass Brayton and others helped Carl produce his book, Suspense Above the Pool in 1998, featuring 40 paintings with text. an intriguing journey through his personal, yet universal dream world. He showed art at various galleries such as The Georgi and The Cache. In 2004 and in 2005 he studied the Misch technique in Austria and Germany under Phillip Rubinov Jacobson and began to paint using oil and egg tempera still exploring his personal dream world. In 2008 he began numerous works on paper with oil and mixed media. He is now working on a songbook of his original songs and continues to paint almost daily.

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New Oakland Art Show: Welcome, Foolish Mortals – A Tribute to the Haunted Mansion

“Welcome, Foolish Mortals”
A group art show tribute to The Haunted Mansion

October 1 – Nov. 3
Artist Reception: Fri. Oct. 3 • 6-9pm FREE

The iconic Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney World/Disneyland is the inspiration for this spooky tribute art show. Eight different artists using a variety of mediums (painting, illustration, linoleum cuts, digital prints) will explore The Mansion and its 999 happy haunts. Each of the artists were inspired by the Mansion growing up and have carried that love into their adult lives. For many of them, it is a continual element in much of their art work and everyday lives.
Join us for the opening night reception on FRIDAY OCT. 3RD, 6-9PM. There will be light snacks, refreshments and spoooooky art! This is a FREE event.

Artists showing their ghoulish work include:
Daniel Skellington
Leigh Crow
David Hawkins
Danyol Leon
Tony Vaguely
Jim Jeske
Richard Board
Flynn De Marco
Noah K.

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New Oakland Art Show: Illustrations for your Memoir! Works by Annie Daly

Illustrations for your Memoir! Works by Annie Daly

Aug. 12 – Sept. 28, 2014
Opening Reception: Sat. Aug. 16th, 6-9pm

Annie Daly is an Oakland artist and illustrator with a passion for environmental and social justice-themed art. Her art has been featured in local galleries and cafes including 111 Minna and her illustrations have been featured in the online magazine,The Rumpus. Illustrations for your Memoir! displays illustrations from The Rumpus alongside the stories that they illustrate. As a book-lover, Annie hopes Illustrations for your Memoir! will feel like walking into a storybook of other peoples’ lives.

At the opening reception there will be live music provided by local emerging Bay Area musicians as well as drinks and snacks. This is a free event.

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