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Cadance Wyatt

Year Licensed: 2008

Locations: San Francisco Flagship

Pronouns:  She/Her

Instagram: RiottWyatt

Main Focus: Hair Cutting

Specialties:  Creative Cuts, Barber Styles, Gender Affirming hair services, Rock N Roll inspired styles, Chic Bobs

Cadance (aka Wyatt) has grown up in the salon industry since she was 16, starting in Seattle at first job washing towels at a Salon. This year marks 10 in her career as a licensed Cosmetologist, and she’s excited for 10 more! Since landing in San Francisco 6 years ago, you can generally find her at a live music or drag show, but most likely playing a game of pinball. She believes haircuts are a ‘Lifestyle Thing’. With a thorough consultation she will find the best style that fits with how much time you will actually spend on your hair. Through teaching you simple styling techniques and products to use, she’ll show you how to look good even on the days you aren’t leaving the Salon. She loves a tight Fade, Creative & Disconnected cuts, Sleek Bobs, and a Rock N Roll Shag.

Specialities:  Textured & disconnected cuts, Shags, Rock N Roll styles, tight fades, bobs


Getting to Know Wyatt:

Can you remember the moment that you wanted to become a hairdresser? My mom had a friend named Mo who was a really cool and wacky woman. She gave me whatever haircuts I wanted and I was fascinated with her. She gave me my first bowl cut in 1995 and I was so excited! 

Why do you love working at the Glam and who is your ideal client? Glama Rama has always had a reputation for being all inclusive and serving the GLBTQ+ community. Everyone that comes in and works there is laughing and having a good time, what’s not to like?  

My ideal client is someone that likes to communicate with me to find the best style to fit their lifestyle and make plans for our next cuts. There is always something tweak in a way to make the cut better, more fun, and to fit where they are in their style at the moment, I love this challenge. 

How would your friends & family describe you? I like to engage with people, laugh a lot and learn frompeople and their experiences in life. I am an open person with a big heart, and am also stubborn as hell. 

What in the beauty industry inspires and motivates you? I love seeing artists break the rules. Some of the coolest fashions over the years are complimented by hairstyles and sometimes it can flip the whole look on it’s head for a look that’s cool and different.  I like that there is always something new to learn, new inspiration everywhere and always something we can be a little better at, and there’s always a class for that.  

In what ways do you inspire your clients, and how do you like to inspire them? I like to challenge my clients to think out of their comfort zone sometimes when I see them in a rut. I look at their style and how it’s changed since I’ve known them. Maybe they are wearing fancy boots now, wearing more band shirts, or even a button up or a suit- that can inspire a haircut to compliment where they are at. I am looking at hairstyles everywhere, all the time, and often it will bring me an inspiration for one of my regular clients that I am excited to share.  

What hobbies/passions do you have outside of hair?  I love to play pinball and see live music, first and foremost. I have taken on the task of learning Dungeons and Dragons to escape the earthly plane and have been loving it! I am also a care-taker for a friend and am very passionate about helping people and being an advocate to folks in any way I can.  

What else do you want clients to know about yourself?  I have a cat, her name is Juju and she will most likely come into our conversations! I see myself as a safe person to talk to and want you to feel as comfortable as possible in my chair. I love my job and I feel very fortunate in so many ways to feel that way and also to have found such a great place to work to share with you 




If you aren’t getting your hair cut by Cadance at Strand, what are you even doing with your life?

Since starting to see Cadance, not only have I generally felt good about how I look, but strangers stop me on the street to compliment my hair and ask where I get it done. I have even had people ask if they can take pictures of my hair because they love it so much.

Honestly, it’s a little creepy, and I wish they would go away. But I’ll run with the fact that I am literally [foot] traffic stoppingly good-looking, thanks to Cadance, so whatever.*

-Vivienne P. Via Yelp

I have been getting my hair cut by Cadence for 3-4 years now, and followed her to Strand from her previous place. Cadence is awesome, and sticking with one person is one of the best decisions I have made. Occasionally I have to get a cut elsewhere because of timing or something, and I always regret it. I always get a great cut, and she is really good at getting me to try different stuff or just changing it up a bit. Plus she is always entertaining and just genuinely rad. Haircuts are no longer a chore, I get to talk metal and punk and cats for a half hour and always come out looking good.

-Mike M. Via Yelp

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