SF: 415-613-5214 Oak: Call or Text: 510-584-8364

Elizabeth Mayo

Main Focus: Cutting

Specialties: Gender Affirming services

Years of experience: 3

Locations: Oakland

Getting to Know Elizabeth:

Hello! I’m Elizabeth. my pronouns are she/her. I’m new-ish to the bay and currently live in North Oakland. I specialize in gender neutral, natural-feeling haircuts. Its super important to me to feel like my hair is intuitively a part of my self discovery, and that’s what I want for my clients as well. I love doing short hair, curly hair, precision cuts, mullets, shags, clipper cuts, fades, layers of all kinds, and anything experimental. I am also getting into funky punky bleaches so ask me about color if you want to do something fun. I want my clients’ experiences to feel like we are friends and for them to feel more themselves after sitting in my chair! I hope to talk to ya soon. xoxo, Elizabeth


Elizabeth’s Gallery