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Elizabeth Mayo

Year Licensed: 2019 

Junior Stylist

Pronouns:  she/her 

Instagram: @babiii_boiii  

Specialities:  gender neutral haircuts, short hair, precision cuts, textured shags
Getting to know Elizabeth:
Can you remember the moment that you wanted to become a hairdresser? No; it was kind of there the whole time. My mom, my grandma, and all my aunts went to the same beauty college that I did- I just kind of considered them to be queens, and their strength enabled me to grow into my identity as an individual. By the time I started doing hair, I realized it had been there underneath all my other creative interests the whole time, tying them together.


Why do you love working at the Glam and who is your ideal client?I love working at the Glam because of the community it creates. It feels like an established institution for people who want to elaborate their uniqueness. My ideal client is someone who wants to talk about books and bands, wants a haircut no one else has, and probably wants to start a community garden. 


How would your friends & family describe you? As a weirdo


What in the beauty industry inspires and motivates you? I’m most inspired by editorials for bands, and stage hair in general


In what ways do you inspire your clients, and how do you like to inspire them? i’m inspired by music, painting, and dance; I want to inspire my clients to explore different art forms


What hobbies/passions do you have outside of hair? I like to paint, play guitar, and dance naked under the full moon


What else do you want clients to know about yourself? That I want them to feel hot! Otherwise whats the point?