SF: 415-861-4526 Oak: 510-655-4526

Eric Gutierrez

Main Focus: Hair Colorist, Hair cutting specialist

Specialties: Gender affirming haircuts, Balayage Highlights Creative Color Creative cuts , Keratin Treatments (brazilian blowout certified) Olaplex Treatments , Hair Styling

Years of Experience: 18

Locations: Oakland

Eric’s Gallery

Eric has been doing my hair for about 2 years now and I’ve never let anyone else touch it since.

His color theory is on point and innovative,and I’ve seen him work color correction miracles on my friends!

His cuts are totally strategic and pre-planned. My hair is both fine AND thin and I’ve always had trouble getting decent lift, but he manages to work a cut that gives me volume that I thought was impossible without heavy teasing and styling.

He also is great about (gently) pushing me to try different cuts so I’m always up-to-date.

Iso Murrillo

I’ve been going to Eric exclusively for all of my hair needs for over 5 years now. I am a punk chick so I love color- every shade, every where. He is a color genius. He’s always coming up with new innovative techniques I would never think of, let alone be able to create standing on my tippy toes over my sink with a bowl of $5 hair color. On top of that, he’s a fantastic and innovative stylist as well. I am a dog walker so need styles that will give me volume and beauty without styling products. Yet the cut can transform into something truly spectacular once I can blow dry it on Friday night.

Here is my very first review all those years ago

I’ve been looking for my hairstylist for years now. Actually, I just let my hair look like a rats nest because I don’t trust anyone to cut it. But now I’ve found Eric. It was the best hair experience I have ever had. Eric is fantastic! I have dry, frizzed, over processed and I’m always looking for a stylist to do something fun to give me a fresh look and give my hair life. The cut is absolutely perfect and the color is even better. Highly recommend!!!!!

Another stylist came over and quietly commended Eric for his work. This seemed sincere, as I’ve been to salons where it almost seems required that the stylists fawn over you and your new hair. She complimented me, and moved on. One of the best things: Eric gave me tips on how to recreate the look at home and stressed that I could come back in if it wasn’t working. How great is that?

Angela R