SF: 415-861-4526 Oak: 510-655-4526

Sandy Weiss

Specialties: Rocker hair, natural beautiful hair, short and long funky styles in cut

Licensed: 1999

Locations: Flagship

Pronouns: she/her



Can you remember the moment that you wanted to become a hairdresser?

I was traveling with a hairdresser friend, and realizing you can use this profession anywhere

Why do you love working at the Glam and who is your ideal client?

I absolutely love every one I work with and the positive friendly open vibe. Ideal client – I like doing all hair

Who was your childhood crush/idol?

Matt Dillion

How would your friends & family describe you?

The sweetest person I know!!! 😉

What in cosmetology inspires and motivates you? 

awards, following stylists on IG, fashion magazines, drag queens, music, media, movies, culture etc.

What film or established artist best describes your esthetic in hair?

Gwen Stephani, Michelle Williams

In what ways do you inspire your clients, and how do you like to inspire them?

Sharing life (and hair!) stories

Why should new clients pick you to book with?

I’m a great listener, take a good consultation, and make sure the outcome is what the client wants (even more so!)

What hobbies/passions do you have outside of hair?

Working out, mosaic and art classes, travel and adventure!

What else do you want clients to know about yourself?

I’m nice and want them to leave loving their hair!