SF: 415-861-4526 Oak: 510-655-4526

Sophia Robinson

Main Focus: Color, Curls and Short Hair, Vintage Makeup and Hairstyles

Specialties: Curls and texture, whimsical color, queer hair, vintage hair and makeup styling

Locations: San Francisco

Sophia’s Gallery

Sophia Robinson is AMAZING! I have thick wavy, frizzy hair when I step into Glama-Rama and when I step out, I look like a million bucks! I put 100% trust in Sophia’s work, she really knows what she’s doing. You can use words like “edgy” “feminine” “butch” and she knows exactly what the right cut is for you. She’s also extremely sweet and so nice to chat with! I think I’ve found “the one” y’all!

Jacqueline G