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“The Long Island Series” – New Work by Scott Schryver

July 1 – August 23, 2015 —
Artist Reception Sat. July 11, 6-9pm

Glama-Rama Salon Oakland presents “The Long Island Series” – New Work by Scott Schryver. The Long Island Series is a collection of figurative and abstract paintings and marks the first time Schryver  has shown his work at our salon. Join us for the Artist Reception on Sat. July 11th from 6-9pm. Drinks and snacks will be served at this free event.

In the artists words:
“As I began painting, I quickly realized that I was creating real people. I would give them names and try and talk in their unique voices. One of the earliest pieces was a woman that I immediately associated with Long Island. I had a college roommate from Long Island and I recall picking up the phone when his mother would call. His mother had a very thick Long Island accent and although I never saw her, I immediately made the connection between her and this person I had painted. After painting ten or so I realized they needed a home and Long Island had to be it! The pieces are fun and engaging for the most part but there are some dark pieces as well. Pieces that reference police brutality and depression. I realized like any society, there needed to be a balance of positive and negative.The news and everyday thoughts and emotions always find a way through the studio door.”
Scott Schryver is an Oakland-based painter working in sumi ink and acrylic paint. He likes kale, dark beer, Billy Bragg, jasmine green tea, and taking long walks in and around Berkeley and Oakland.