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The Glama-rama Oakland is proud to present this group show featuring new work by Meg Allen, Tone Rawlings and Tanya Wischerath.

Opening September 9: 7pm – 10pm

From the artists: “Our show investigates archetype and mythology through each artists respective lens. Tone Rawlings’ work focuses on how American myths (the american dream, American exceptionalism, myth of meritocracy, manifest destiny, war on drugs, etc…) are used to conceal the fact that this country was created and sustained on appropriating bodies of color. Tanya Wischerath is showing new paintings that reimagine the stories of Medea and Narcissus utilizing queer perspective. Meg Allen is showing the final 23 portraits from her viral series “BUTCH”.

Join us for important new work by these amazing artists!
Barbeque! Bevies! And beautiful, meaningful art!