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GLAMA‐RAMA Salon and Gallery is excited to announce the opening of the new show featuring illustrator and multi-media artist, Elisa Sassi.

The title “Nossa, Sassilandia!” is a very colloquial way of saying “Oh my, Sassilandia!” in the artist’s native Portuguese. It depicts quirky beings and amusing adventures. But there is also drama, rebellion, cheekiness; things that are similar to our own world. Works are in pen on paper, acrylic on canvas, digital form, and sculpture. There is also an interactive aspect for anyone who wants to get close to the art.

Show runs July 12th, 2013 – Sept. 1st, 2013.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, July 12th, 7-10pm.
Performances, beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

Artist Statement:
Ordinary life in Sassilandia is usually happy. But there is no such thing as perfection. The cuteness of the creatures disguises their inner strengths. Each one struggles with strong emotions, hard issues, and tough choices. They suffer, they yearn, they celebrate victories large and small, they cry, and they move on. They are strong and brave-as-hell. Even the tiniest and softest of them all.

My work has been to reproduce their struggles and triumphs as objectively as possible. Of course, it’s nearly impossible for any observer to be completely impartial. Over time I began to care for these critters who have taught me so much about courage and delight. However I promise that I have done everything possible to faithfully record what I saw firsthand.

Artist bio:
Drawing by hand is my favorite form of expression. I would say that I feel very comfortable sketching, but in reality I am a compulsive illustrator. I draw everywhere, under almost any circumstances. Although I have a background in advertising and art direction, I am a self-taught artist. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazi, I have lived in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, and London. When I was younger, I dreamed being able to draw bunnies for a living. I currently reside in San Francisco.