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UB Wildewood 2 – Artwork by Solis
Peer inside the imaginative artistic mind of Solis (heartofsolis.com) as he reveals the vision of his new show, UB Wildewood 2. Go to Glamarama at 304 Valencia St. in SF on Sunday 7-29-12 at 6 PM. Treat yourself to an amazing candy colored confection; of neon pigments, 80’s inspired geometrics, unique abstractions, re-interpretations of pictographic images and charming characters. This artist references the themes of science-fiction, fantasy, humanoids, animals and other-worlds; that bend the mind as you smile … then, your heart warms. The presentation incorporates visual imagery, live performance, giveaways and DJ Chicken spinning music all night long. Don’t miss the special guest appearance by Grand Duchess Kylie Minono as she performs for his not-to-be-missed opening night celebration. Show runs through Sat. Sept. 22nd.