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“Form and Color, Together Forever”
Paintings by Cathy Liu

April 15, 2014 – June 1st, 2014
Opening Reception Fri. April 18th, 7-10pm

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the return of painter CATHY LIU and her show, “Form and Color, Together Forever”, 13 years after her first show at the original salon/gallery location. The opening reception will feature a live performance by “Cathy Liu and the Thin White Dukes”! Beverages & snacks will be provided. This is a free event.

In my latest paintings I’ve been consciously broadening and deepening my commitment to form and color, while continuing to refine and define my lines. Whereas, my previous paintings were more about concentration, my current work moves deeper into the realm of meditation. The simplicity and clarity of my work has evolved with a complex examination of emotions and reflections over time.

I usually work on one painting at a time, but for this show I worked on 6 paintings simultaneously interchanging colors and shapes. This process opened up fresh lines of communication between paintings with endless possibilities of interaction.

My abstract organic paintings are a playful meditation on life––how we’re interconnected with everyone and everything, yet uniquely shaped and part of a vibrant dynamic whole. This artwork was created from the joy in my heart for your viewing pleasure.

Cathy grew up in an area of San Jose where the cherry orchards were replaced by Eichler homes. She escaped suburbia to Florence, Italy where she graduated with a B.A. in Italian Studies. She then went to work for the muckraking magazine Mother Jones. After five years, she found painting amoebic shapes preferable to raking muck. She lives in San Francisco and on the Big Island of Hawaii where she continues to be inspired by the fragility and force of life in both places.

Check out more of Cathy’s work at: www.cathyliu.com