SF: 415-613-5214 Oak: Call or Text: 510-584-8364
Artist: Steve Javiel
Dates: March 26 – June 24
Opening Party: Saturday, March 31 7:30pm-9pm
6399 Telegraph Ave. near the corner of Alcatraz

From the artist:
My work is focused around experimenting with recreating the aged, decayed, layered surfaces around me. I believe that these aged surfaces tell a story and that they are a raw reflection of their environment—the aging is not premeditated.
To someone a wall or a train means nothing, but to me it represents an untold, and unappreciated story. The layers of textures, typography, colors, graffiti, and decay, have all been applied and manipulated in some form by humans, nature, time, and the environment. This random orchestration fascinates me.