SF: 415-613-5214 Oak: Call or Text: 510-584-8364

Carol Sheppard


Licensed in 2006

Master Stylist

Locations: San Francisco Flagship

Pronouns: she/her

Main Focus: Cut and color

Specialties: Creative color, Texture, Razor, Curls

Carol’s Gallery

I lurve Carol. She’s awesome, and does wonderful things with my hair, even when I’m unclear about what I want or how to verbalize it. She took me from loooong to very short, and now back to medium.

Carol cut my hair last week and she did an excellent job. Plus she’s dope. Good times. She knew what I meant when I said “I want to keep it dykey and I think I wanna grow the side out and have a toolish hipster swoosh bang thing covering my eye,” and turned my toolish hipster overgrown fauxhawk into a cute and sassy dyke crop. Perfection!


After a couple of years of haircuts from the mediocre to the traumatic, I was ready just to go back to shaving my head. But a friend persuaded me to give Carol a try, and my gamble has been richly rewarded. Carol is sharp, amiable, laid back, and great at her job. Not only do I end up looking good the day of, but she cuts it in a way that I can maintain it myself until it’s time to come back.

I came in with some photos I liked.
Carol listened to what I had to say (a lot. I make zero sense right after work).
She dove into the differences between the photos.
Patiently explained what she was talking about.
And away we went.
I asked so many questions.
Even though I was her last client of the evening, we had an awesome conversation about hair (something I hope I’m not alone in being endlessly fascinated/frustrated by) and life.
It was a full stack cathartic experience. Oh and I love the cut.

I hate getting my hair cut. I hate thinking about the style and trying to figure things out. I want a hairdresser to just read my mind and magically know and apply the things I can’t even articulate. That is exactly what happened the first time I saw Carol Sheppard. I find that usually with a first visit a hairdresser and with my inability to articulate any vision, he or she doesn’t want to take a chance and does something really plain to not give me something too extreme. Carol solved for this. She asked me specific questions about what I would want and what I wouldn’t want. I ended up with my favorite haircut in decades. Thank you Carol!

Love love love Carol! I’ve been getting my hair cut from Carol for 4 years now and followed her to Glama-Rama after Anvil closed. She genuinely listens to what you want, makes suggestions and executes giving you a wonderful  new hair-do time and time again. She also has a crazy good memory and we always have interesting and fun conservations

Carol Sheppard gave me the single best haircut of my 44 years on this planet. I thought I’d probably be doing my usual thing of waiting another 3 years while the haircut trauma wore off and asking my partner to do my haircuts in the meantime, but I’ll be back as soon as I can. Thank you Carol!!!

I followed Carol, from where she used to cut hair, to Glamarama and I am likely to follow her to the moon if she finds employment as a stylist in outer space. (She would probably be really good at making the spacepeople feel at ease. I can just see her now, trimming their tentacles.) I have had many a cut in my life, and more than a few bad or mediocre ones, but never from Carol. She is the person that keeps my hair short and spunky and looking great. (It’s okay for me to say that, because I am consistently complimented on my hair, even when my cut is more than a few months old.) Also, Carol is a nice and funny and smart and never boring person. Full disclosure: She is also a friend – she went to school with my sister. And my sisters and I used to be notoriously difficult about getting our hairs cut, but now we all three of us live in a state of hair nirvana. Hairvana. Thanks, Carol!

Also, Glamarama is a fun place to get your hair done – great vibe, good art on the walls, nice people who really know what they’re doing and serve a pretty diverse clientele. And it’s pink inside!

Carol just did a short asymmetrical queer lady haircut for me, and it’s hands-down the best haircut I’ve ever had. It looks great, effortlessly, every day, because she took time to pay attention to what my hair wants to do naturally and then worked with that to cut it in a way that just works, instead of fighting it into a cut that it doesn’t agree with. SO GREAT. I spend almost no time styling it!