SF: 415-613-5214 Oak: Call or Text: 510-584-8364

Frankie Lyons-Smith 

Locations: Valencia & Oakland 

Year Licensed: 2019 

Junior Stylist

Pronouns:  they/them 

Instagram: Rawbeauty.hair

Specialities:  Color – Blonding and Fashion Colors Texture Inclusivity/Curl Color Specialist Customized Color & Transformation   

Getting to Know Frankie:

Can you remember the moment that you wanted to become a hairdresser? 

I had dropped out of college and started working at a food factory making cauliflower bread. I had been straightening and coloring my own hair my whole life, I spent hours everyday researching new techniques and ideas, so i started thinking, why am I not doing this as a career? I decided to move across California and become a hairdresser so I could get paid to do what I loved most and be my own boss, while making other people feel good about themselves. 

Why do you love working at the Glam and who is your ideal client? 

I love the energy from the space, my boss and co-workers, and my clients. I love what we stand for and what our space is working towards in acceptance and safety for all walks of life. I love the freedom in creativity, and support for my well-being. Glam is so open and accepting and safe, and it translates through my experience working here, and the experience I give to my clients. 

How would your friends & family describe you? 

I think they’d say I’m very loving, warm, and accepting. A very bubbly personality, and very giving. They’d also say I’m too hard on myself, but that my struggles make me very empathetic towards others.  

What in the beauty industry inspires and motivates you?  

The ability to express yourself through your appearance, the complete freedom of creativity and self representation. I think it’s a huge healing tool, and can be your way of communicating with others and overcoming mental illness or past hardships.  

In what ways do you inspire your clients, and how do you like to inspire them? 

I inspire my clients to be free in visualizing a hairstyle that encourages exploration in creativity and self-expression. I inspire my clients to take care of their hair as they take care of their style, and to push the boundaries of society’s box of what is the “norm”. 

What hobbies/passions do you have outside of hair? 

I love music and singing, I love nature and swimming in lakes. Going on outdoor adventures with my girlfriend and her dog Juno. I love to eat really good food, especially with my friends and family. I love all kinds of arts, anything from drawing and painting, to crochet or making jewelery, or upcycling old clothes. Speaking of clothes, I have an intense passion for thrift shopping. I love roller coasters and swings and traveling. Really good converstions. And laying in the sun.

What else do you want clients to know about yourself? 

Above all else, I want to spread love in this world. Doing hair is a vehicle for me to make my clients feel happy and beautiful, and is something i love doing every day.


Frankie’s Gallery

This review is for my stylist, Frankie.  Frankie is a true all-star.  She’s on top of her game, professional, and will listen to what you want.  She’s excellent at explaining her processes and she’s confident in her work.  She’s been with me step by step through my blonding journey.  I have bright, golden hair now but I started out with brown hair that had a lot of grey present and I was really, really hesitant about the bleaching process.  Frankie provided clear, realistic goals that fit my comfort level and really went the extra mile to solidify that stylist/client bond.  She’s been doing my hair for, oh my goodness, almost two years now and I wouldn’t want anyone else to do my hair. 

She’s so passionate about her artistry and it really shows in the excitement she gets when it comes to caring for her clients.

As a young girl my mom always gushed over my natural highlights and dissuaded from experimenting with fun hair color changes when I was a teen… which carried into early adulthood. Now that I’m turning 40 and facing the inevitable graying that comes with age I’ve been thinking of fun ways to play with color in my hair to live out my teen dreams. Needing lots of guidance and support, Frankie came to my rescue. Upon telling her of my background and desire to have mermaid hair she helped me to have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever had and provided fun ease into such a huge transformation. She’s so sweet and has a genuine connection to her craft and clients plus she brought so much excitement to this process for me. My friends and even strangers stop me to talk about the amazing color she gave me!  I could not be more pleased with the outcome and I look so very much forward to being in her chair again for my next hair beautification session!! 😍 

Frankie brings such warmth and skill to her practice, I am so lucky I found her in her early days… even during school she stood out! Her open-mindedness and sincere desire to achieve the best results means she inquires and checks in, offers ideas, and is willing to change course or go that extra mile so you leave her chair LOVING the interaction and result. I have referred 4 people to her and all have been extremely pleased. From basic trim to dramatic new cuts to an experimental balayage for a wedding, I trust Frankie with my head in all circumstances! Especially during covid, when she took extra precautions and made me feel super safe, even though double mask and shield probably wasn’t the most comfortable for her. It doesn’t hurt she has her own cute unique style, and is kind-hearted and easy to talk to. I always walk away feeling refreshed inside as well as loving my new look!