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Libby Villagomez 


Year Licensed: 2017

 Hairdresser in Training

Pronouns:  They/Them

Instagram: Spooky.lib

Specialities:  In the process of specializing in curly hair, queer haircuts, and mullets/shags!

The moment I realized I really wanted to be a hairdresser was my second semester in beauty school once I was able to really get my hands in some hair. After I cut my first ever clients hair and being able to see them feel more confident and see their joy, I knew this was what I wanted to do. The fact that I can help someone see the beauty in themselves and make someone strut their stuff because of a new cut, new color, or freshly styled hair makes me happy to do what I do. I love working at Glama-Rama because of how accepting the stylists/clients are and the safe space that has been created for anyone to truly be who they are. I want any person who sits in my chair to know that they are in safe space to be who they are with no judgment. My ideal client would be an easy going person not afraid to do some fun and creative hair! I want my clients to leave happy so communication is huge for me, be open and honest with me and I will be as well! I’d like to say that my friends and family would describe me as very friendly, easy going, creative, fun person who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge and give it my best. I like to think that makes me hard worker always giving my all. What really inspirers me in the hair industry is seeing others be super creative and enjoying every second of it! Seeing other peoples creativity inspires and motivates me to want to push myself to learn more, to be the best I can be and really tap into all of my creativity all while enjoying the things I create. When I’m not doing hair I really love taking photos! I took a black and white film phototherapy class when I was a teenager and really fell in love with the whole process of using a film camera and developing my own photos. Being able to see my pictures come to life on paper blew my mind away and ever since I have always had a passion for anything that has to do with film cameras!

 I am a very accepting and understanding person who is always happy to meet new people and learn new things! I want anyone who sits in my chair to feel comfortable and confident in me that we will achieve your hair goals together while still keeping the health of your hair in mind!  







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