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Nora McK

in Focus: Cutting and Coloring

Specialties: Precision haircuts, experimental, effortless lived in styles 

Years of experience: 1

Locations: San Francisco 

Getting to Know Nora:

Nora has been training professionally since 2019, and joined the Glam fam in 2022. They are non-binary and initially became interested in hair as a means of gender expression. They love to create hair that makes you feel like the best YOU. Hair doesn’t have a gender, but you might and they strive to always provide gender affirming haircuts and a welcoming environment. Their focus and style ranges from precision haircuts, to fun and edgy experimental styles, to effortless lived-in hair. Outside of work they are reading science fiction, playing drums in one of their bands, or making chainmaille jewelry.

Feel free to peruse my Instagram :  @snipstream

Nora’s Gallery

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